The registration and the family are free of charge and without obligation.

Would you like to come as an Au pair with a host family in the world, and have sufficient knowledge of the language of the selected country?

Then You sign up to our website by the questionnaire completely and truthfully fill in.

Add Your profile picture, cover picture and more of beautiful photo (without sunglasses) was added, along with a nice letter to your future host family – but without any personal contact information!

Once You have completed Your registration, You will receive a copy of Your profile with Your profile number and Your registration information by Email.

Your personal contact details, we will publish in any case.

Once we have received Your profile, we will check it and within 24 – 48 hours – if there is, on our part, no questions – unlock.

Once You're activated, You can log in to our site and find a host family, and Chat. Your profile will now appear in the gallery, and is also the host families will be visible.

Your family, You can contact via Chat, You with this extensively to exchange and meet new people, and You need Your serious interest. Of course, You have the opportunity to communicate with other host families before You make a final decision. Tips for the learning Phase, we have selected in Your personal area in the FAQ.

You've decided to go for a sympathetic family?

Only then are You in the family submit Your personal contact details such as address, etc., so that, together, an Au pair can be designed.

Still Have Questions?

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? If you have questions, problems or suggestions, we are happy to be under the usual office hours. You can reach us by phone, E-Mail or contact form. Under the heading “frequently asked questions” have we – organized by topics – a list of questions and answers compiled.