General terms and conditions of AuPair scout

(As of 01.01.2023)

By registering as a user of this page you acknowledge that the present General terms and conditions as binding.

In the following Text as a “AuPair scout”, is the company tree gartnerstr. 11, 81373 Munich, Germany, with the purpose of connecting users around the world, and a Au-pair-exchange.

In the following, Au Pairs, host families, and agencies "users are called".

1. Contract basis

1.1 ,The services of the AuPair scout arising out of the present "terms and conditions". More information is available on the Website under "FAQ" section.

Für deutsche Nutzer verweisen wir auch auf die Merkblätter der Bundesanstalt für Arbeit “Au-pair bei deutschen Familien”  sowie “Au-pair Info für deutsche Gastfamilien“ jeweils aktuellen Version auf der Website unter „FAQ“ der AuPairScout veröffentlicht werden.

1.2 Jede Weitergabe der Daten an dritte Personen ist untersagt. Alle persönlichen Daten über einen Nutzer, die einem anderen Nutzer bei der Kommunikation sichtbar gemacht werden, sind streng vertraulich und dürfen nicht an Dritte weitergegeben oder veröffentlicht werden.

1.3 Profile, persönliche Daten und ABO-Mitgliedschaften sind nicht auf Dritte übertragbar. AuPairScout behält sich das Recht vor, in einem solchen Fall den Nutzer ohne Angabe von Gründen zu blockieren.


AuPair scout agrees to provide the following services:

2.1 provision of the AuPair scout-database.
The AuPair scout provides the user with the AuPair scout created and managed database for the selection of one of the other user (Au pair applicants, host family, Agency).

2.2 The AuPair scout checks, as far as possible, all the data of the users, here takes on only those users in their index or database that will create a meaningful application with photos and message / letter.

Furthermore, the AuPair scout checked by the candidates with the information provided, as a rule, by E-Mail or phone with the candidate.
There are no users in the database have broken, to the knowledge of the AuPair scout demonstrably violate any applicable laws or good morals.

2.3 information for the processing of official formalities.
The AuPair scout provides all the basic information for the processing of official formalities in their FAQs to be available. This information includes, in particular, to companies when which step of whom is.

On request and for an additional fee (see the "Extra Service"),
which is found in the valid "Extra Service price list", we provide the user with additional ways of recruiting.


3.1 Each user who is in search of a Au pair, host family or Agency, you can register for free, if he is of full age.

3.2 Each user can customize its profile independently and at any time in its particular needs, and with the texts and photos, customize.
Each user is responsible for his profile of self-responsibility.

3.3 Kostenlos registrieren kann sich jedes Au-pair selbst, das auf der Suche nach einer Gastfamilie weltweit ist.

Free of charge, any guest of the family, is in search of a Au pair in the world can register.

Free of charge, any Agency that is on the search for Au Pairs and families around the world can register.

3.4 contact information, such as an address, telephone number, E-Mail address, from the grounds of data protection in the respective profile public appearance.

The users are not allowed for registration, therefore, that these contact details in a Text, letter or photo in the profile view.

3.5 The contact among users, i.e., communication, Chat, are given as soon as the respective user (host family, Agency) has entered into a SUBSCRIPTION based membership.

AuPair scout should notice act Contrary to, is deleted, the profile of the respective user.


4.1 For Au-pairs, the membership is free of charge. Au pairs can at any time read and reply to messages.

4.2 Each additional user (host family, Agency) may at any time read personalized messages. Through a SUBSCRIPTION membership of this user can communicate freely, i.e., to read messages of other users and answer.

4.3 The service fees of the AuPair scout according to the applicable SUBSCRIPTION price list of AuPair scout.

The SUBSCRIPTION service fees are payable in advance for the intended duration of the period.
All payments to the AuPair scout are payable immediately upon the conclusion of a subscription.

The prices are in EURO, including VAT.
Each SUBSCRIPTION will end after the specified period of time, and must not be terminated.

Get rates and transit times, see "SUBSCRIPTION for families" and "SUBSCRIPTION for agencies".

4.4 Die Vorteile der ABO-Mitgliedschaft bestehen darin, dass die jeweiligen Nutzer – während der gebuchten ABO-Laufzeit –  untereinander kommunizieren, persönliche Nachrichten schreiben und lesen und Kontaktinformationen miteinander austauschen können.

4.5 It is expected that the registered host families will not be in the foreseeable future, according to the registry "Premium member", because otherwise there is a meaningful use of AuPair scout Services is possible.

AuPair scout reserves, therefore, the Profile of the host family, the AU pair scout over a longer period of time to be without a Premium member, the other user will no longer display, and restrict any use or completely excluded.

4.6 Only agencies with a SUBSCRIPTION, it is allowed to register an Au-pair and contact you. AuPair scout should find that an Agency without a SUBSCRIPTION membership, Au-presents pairs in the gallery, you will be charged, in each case, a penalty in the amount of EUR 5,000.–.

5. Extra Service

5.1 Der „Extra Service“ ist die Durchführung einer Vermittlung eines von der Gastfamilie selbst gesuchten Au-pairs, also eines Au-pairs, das die Gastfamilie in unserer Galerie,  über Bekannte, Anzeigen etc.  gefunden hat.

5.2 This Service is not applicable for Au-pairs, which were set by our partner agencies in our gallery. If an Au Pair is an Agency that is visible from the profile of the subscription. This mediation is done by the other users.

5.3 you get for the Extra services from us, the documents required for the granting of an Au-pair visa, as well as help with the required formalities.

5.4 Please note that the fee for this Service is Euro, payable immediately, and we cannot assume any warranty for your self-found an Au-pair.


Au pairs who wish to come to Germany or to go abroad, visit our website via a Link, we have created a fast, efficient and appropriate insurance.

This is also true for families who want to host an Au Pair in the family and assure.


6.1 The AuPair scout reserves the right, to the users, to make the essential features of incorrect data for the Au pair program failed to essential legal provisions or requirements of the European agreement on "Au pair" does not meet the employment, of a recording and / or provision of the AuPair scout-database.

6.2 Furthermore, host families can be by a provision of the services of the AuPair scout excluded, against a suspended process, a final judgment or judicial obligations issued in connection with the employment promotion law or the code of social law, and such, the foreign Au pairs against the law to deal with.

6.3 Im Fall einer Leistungsausschließung wird die AuPairScout mit dem Nutzer  grundsätzlich keine Vertragsbeziehung eingehen. Stellt sich nach Eingehung einer Vertragsbeziehung ein Leistungsausschlussgrund heraus, so ist die AuPairScout zum Rücktritt vom Vertrag berechtigt.


7.1 To the obligations of the users to keep their profile as well as his correspondence up to date, update, i.e., pictures / letters and respond to requests quickly.

7.2 the user is obliged to observe the Au pair regulations of the respective host country.

7.3 To the code of conduct for users belongs to any Under defamatory, threatening behavior.
It is prohibited, indecent, pornographic, publish, strange photos, or texts, or distribute in any other way unlawful Material and information, or forward.

7.4 Profiles with the purpose of looking for an Au Pair or a host family, an Agency will be deleted immediately.
One of the users should encounter a violation with respect to such obligations or the rules of conduct, he shall be obliged to report this immediately AuPair scout via the contact form.

7.5 AuPair scout has the right at any time to evidence, to verify your information.
We will keep in such cases, consultation, or immediately in the profile to delete it, regardless of whether or not a SUBSCRIPTION is in place.


8.1 AuPair scout has the right to contact any user on demand.

8.2 the user is not Submitted within one week after the call by AuPair scout the necessary evidence to prove the authenticity of his account will be blocked to the profile of the user, as a precautionary measure and can only be made after Review of the evidence required re-enabled.

8.3 We assume that all the information provided by the user during registration is correct, complete, and truthful. AuPair scout has the right to review all data and delete for valid reasons, the profile, without giving reasons, or to block.

8.4 We reserve the right in case of incomplete profiles to delete them.

8.5 AuPair scout Should find a registry other than the permitted purpose, be liable to pay the registration at the end of the AuPair scout, a contractual penalty in the amount of 5,000 Euro for each registration case.


9.1 The personal and other information of the user are verified by the AuPair scout to the best of our Knowledge and belief. A guarantee for the correctness and completeness of the information cannot accept the AuPair scout, however.

9.2 the performance of The AuPair scout arising out of point. 2 of the "General terms and conditions". Here, the AuPair scout in substance, contact details and information for an Au pair stay. A contractual relationship between the AuPair scout and a user is not justified thereby, the AuPair scout has no influence on the agreements between users.
9.2.1 Therefore can be made to the AuPair scout no compensation or reimbursement claims, should not come in spite of Transmission of the user data and / or Au pair applicant data, an Au pair stay in place.
9.2.2 The AuPair scout is not liable for the cost of arrival and departure, as well as for the cost of a possible deportation of the user.
9.2.3 The AuPair scout assumes neither to the users and any other third party to liability for any damages a user caused, directly or indirectly.
9.2.4 The AuPair scout is not responsible for a user's compliance with the personal expectations of another user.
9.2.5 The AuPair scout also does not guarantee for the duration of the processing time by the authorities. An unusually long duration of the authorisation, e.g. due to incorrect information given by the user, authorities holiday or lost mail, lost shipments, etc. – and a resulting delay of the user's stay, the contractual obligations of another user without prejudice.
9.2.6 The AuPair scout takes no responsibility for not by the AuPair scout responsible for interruptions in the availability of the site, the AuPair scout, or its individual web services. In particular, the AuPair scout shall not be liable for the non-functioning, the inaccessibility of or poor use conditions of your site, in particular due to inadequate technical equipment of the user, to a malfunction of the Provider to the user or to a General Overload of the Internet.
9.2.7 If the use of the Website due to maintenance, updates or technical Changes, and/or due to the update of the content and/or the display temporarily interrupted, shall be liable to the AuPair scout in accordance with the statutory provisions only if the interruption, in a contractual manner endangering the purpose of lasts. To the extent possible, work the AuPair scout the user, prior to maintenance or updates to advance in knowledge.

9.3 Should have gotten the AuPair scout due to a malfunction of a user who has been made liable, knowledge, committed to the AuPair scout against all resulting legal consequences of these users are exempt. This release includes a of him, if necessary, to compensation, as well as attorneys ' fees and court costs.


In spite of careful content control, we assume no Liability for the contents of external Links. For the content of linked pages exclusively their operators are responsible.


11.1 The user agree that your personal information for the implementation of the Au-pair-service contract locally or on the Internet is recorded and stored.

11.2 Furthermore, the user agrees that your address and contact details and any other personal information that you provided when registering on the site of the AuPair scout, to be passed to get in contact with other users of the AuPair scout.

11.3 otherwise, reference is made to the applicable legal guidelines for the storage and backup of data as well as published on the Website privacy statement.

11.4 The AuPair scout explicitly points out that in the case of Transmission through open networks, there is a inspection by third parties in the data, even if they are protected or encrypted, it cannot be completely excluded. The AuPair scout will however, make all reasonable and reasonable precautions for the protection of data of the host family.

11.5 The user undertakes to treat all data and information relating to other users that you receive via the Internet as to the offer to AuPair scout or other means of AuPair scout, confidential. A disclosure to third parties or publication is permitted at any time – either before or after the provision of a performance of the AuPair scout.

12. Final provisions

12.1 rules change these "terms and conditions" or cancel, are only valid if approved in writing by the AuPair scout or confirmed.

12.2 AuPair scout reserves the right to change any of the "terms and conditions" at any time or to Supplement it.

12.3 one or more of the provisions of this "General terms and conditions Should not be" legally ineffective or impracticable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Rather, the purpose of the agreement or at least close substitute provision, the parties would have agreed to achieve the same result, if the invalidity of the provision would have been known in the place of the ineffective provision–.

12.4 each time you Login the user to confirm any Changes to the "Terms and conditions".

12.5 To all legal relationships between the AuPair scout and the users of the law of the Federal Republic of Germany with the exception of German private International law (art. 3-46 BGB) shall apply exclusively. Court of jurisdiction is Munich.